Change Your Style As You Will

Change Your Style As You Will

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Talking about vide dressing or clothing rental seems to perfectly fit today ecological and volatile trends. You may know that vintage is driving fashion zeitgeist for some time now. So what better way to follow the fast pace of personal fads while giving a longer life to clothes?

At a time when freezing days of winter are forthcoming, fall encourages us to sort out our wardrobe and replace clothes with others. Whether it is by purchasing new items or acquiring them for less than a drink, we want to clear the path for new adventures.

What is great with vide dressings is that you can find so many branded second-hand products for literally nothing if compared with market prices : this is a chance to fall in love with a beautiful and timeless Gerard Darel bag or with an incredible Alexander Wang jacket… and afford them !

There can you find clothes as well as accessories or shoes in a terrific atmosphere full of music and good mood. Both sellers and buyers can find what they are looking for. Sellers dispose of any goods with the possibility of adding ecological clear conscience to little earnings. It is a chance to extent and update lists of contacts which can bring benefits to both sides.

As you can imagine, this is the perfect place where to experience two major things we love to do : hanging out with friends while making good deals.

Many vide dressings currently occur, notably one in Geneva : the WTF Chez Louise event will take place this November 17 in Rue de la Rôtisserie 8. The beauty bar will gather numerous people selling treasures from their wardrobe but that’s not all ! From 5:30pm to 9pm will you have the chance to treat yourself to a beauty enhancement with manicure, blow dry and other cosmetics. No more hesitation, book the date !

Yet in the new era of sharing economy that we currently experience, why not thinking about renting your clothes ? Indeed you may prefer to constantly change your wardrobe with new items each month or week depending on your subscription. Renting clothes is now easy at an accessible price. If you have a crush for one or more items you can then decide to buy them.

We made for you a selection of notorious websites :

  • Le Closet : 49€/month including 3 garments and 2 accessories
  • Rent the Runway : luxe-driven service that proposes different categories of product
  • Dresswing : collaborative platform that sets itself apart where everyone can put items for sale or rent.

It is up to you to choose the formula that suits you the best ! Put your hat and gloves on and brave the weather to find your rare pearl. Oh well we forgot, you can also do it from your sofa.

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