A meeting with Lucia Marcuzzo Vice President Central Europe for Levi’s

A meeting with Lucia Marcuzzo Vice President Central Europe for Levi’s

A meeting with Lucia Marcuzzo Vice President Central Europe for Levi’s

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Lucia Marcuzzo was born and raised in Venice, in Italy. She moved to Brussels with her family (husband Nicola and 6 year old son Ulisse). During her university studies she was a for 10 years an active member of the local LEO club (part of the Lions International group) and involved in several fund raising and charity initiatives mainly focused to support disabled and less privileged families.

Lucia Marcuzzo Levi's Vice President

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Change at the same time as the fashion world

Lucia Marcuzzo has recently been appointed Vice President Central Europe for Levi’s. Since 1st of March 2016 she is in charge of Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg. Together with a strong business focus, she has been actively supporting the sustainability agenda with several initiatives rolled out in the retail environment :

  • Reducing energy consumption by replacing store lighting with LED lighting
  • Obtaining 3 LEED certificate for 3 sustainable stores
  • Implementing in 108 stores across Europe the Tailor shop project. Tailors provide a different and enhanced shopping experience to consumers through alteration and customization but also ensure longer lifecycle to our product thru repair services.
  • Ensuring HIV training initiative in the stores.

Here is the interview by our fashion team

In your opinion, what does it mean to be a brand in the Fashion’s field especially in the Fast Fashion’s environment ?

By definition a constant change is a key characteristic of the fashion market. Newness, Freshness, Innovation are key ingredients to boost consumers desires and get their share of wallet. Different companies answer to the consumers’ needs in different ways through their products and services. Being a Brand means to have a clear, unique and distinctive reason to be on the market while continuously changing and adapting to new needs. Each Brand has a personality and some core foundational values that makes it different from all others. The more distinctive and relevant are the values, the strongest is the Brand. Brands have the ability to evolve and innovate while staying close to their DNA, their foundational values and ultimately their reason to be. If they do not they become irrelevant and disappear.

In your opinion, what are the specific skills a student needs to acquire to be able to approach the Fashion world?

A good understanding of the key processes and dynamics of the fashion market is very relevant (going from the creative idea to the market, what is called the GTM- Go To Market process). Commercial acumen and the knowledge of the different channels of distribution is also important as well as getting familiar with all the professional roles that are involved in the fashion business. Merchandising and planning skills are also useful especially when combined with a strong financial and business view. What are the levers to generate value and profit and how different decisions impact on the economic result of the company.

In the specific retail field, dived into the ROPO (Research Offline – Purchase Online) dynamics, what challenges are ahead and which directions it will be necessary to face up to consumers’ needs ?

Even in the digital time the biggest challenge is always to engage and delight consumers, to never disappoint them through a bad shopping experience. To create a consistent shopping experience is therefore critical. consumers should not experience a substantial difference between shopping on line or offline, shopping in a monobrand or in a multiple branded environment. Consistency of the product and Brand message is important. To enable this seamless experience requires a solid technological info structure that many “traditional” companies do not have, this may need huge IT investment and longer then desired time to implementation. However more than economic or technical constraint the most important starting point is the awareness that the shopping path will change dramatically and that companies need to have a long term vision and strategy and the commitment to embrace change.

Lucia’s former job was Worldwide Head of Retail in Diesel Spa, a premium leading fashion company, where she managed the Directly Operated Stores network. In the 10 years spent in Diesel she has been managing the worldwide development and expansion of the channel through new openings, refits, relocations and development of new format of stores in Asia, Western Europe and America, with the responsibility of 300 point of sales at the end of 2010. She started her career in the retail sector in 1998, in Gruppo Coin, one of the leading Italian Department stores. She has always been passionate for retail as it is a very people-intense industry. To her ,success depends on teamwork and being able to influence, partner with and lead people at different levels in the organization. She graduated summa cum laude in Economics at the Università degli studi Cà Foscari in Venice.

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