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juin 2017


Create Unique Customer Experiences with a Customer-centric CRM Strategy

1920 1080 Accenture

Building and maintaining customer relationships via CRM The ability to predict, understand and leverage customer needs is imperative to creating…

L'Addition Concentré Eclat, l'autobronzant malin de CLARINS

Bien choisir son auto bronzant !

1238 844 Victoria Mallet

Comment faire si on ne veut/peut pas s’exposer au soleil sans avoir un teint blafard pour autant ? Ou encore…

Lucia Marcuzzo Levi's Vice President

A meeting with Lucia Marcuzzo Vice President Central Europe for Levi’s

1920 1080 Donatella ZAPPIERI

Lucia Marcuzzo was born and raised in Venice, in Italy. She moved to Brussels with her family (husband Nicola and…

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